About The Story

130 years after the alien invasion, humanity is still divided between the genetically pure and those descended from the invaders’ experiments.  An organization calling itself GECOW has taken upon itself to continue these experiments with the intention of creating super soldiers to protect the planet should the aliens return.  For now though, humanity is content fighting itself.  And these super soldiers have only poured fuel on the fire.

About The Comic

White Noise was first published online in the spring of 2005, on the website DoomNstuff alongside of The Welcome Committee of Magic High, a fantasy comic that is currently retired.  After many changes, White Noise finally found a home at wncomic.com 6 years ago.  For most of the comic’s 11 year lifespan updates have been random, but as of October 2014 pages are posted weekly on Mondays. (There was that incident with the broken arm, but I feel those missed updates were justified. :3)  If you would like to see updates move up to biweekly, pledge to White Noise on Patreon and get access to some fun extras!

For those of you who have stuck with White Noise through all the changes and turbulence, and those of you just joining now, thank you so much!  These 11 years have taught me a lot about art and storytelling, and I am committed to improving with every new page.