Going on a Trip!

Hey dear readers.

I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, and I had hoped to have a page for you before I left.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that before I can continue White Noise, I have to provide a world map!  If I don’t and continue with the next scene it’s gonna get terribly confusing, as the spread of locations is piling up.  So I’ll work on that this week and once it’s posted the comic can move on once again. I have every intention of going back to once a week updates.  In the meantime, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all know I care about you and hope you’re safe.




Hello all.

I’ll be at Dragoncon this weekend, selling White Noise books, both books one and two!  I’m at booth # 1223 & 1225.  If you’re attending, come say hi!

I will try to get a page up soon, but preparing for the con has taken up my every spare moment recently.

Thanks for reading and White Noise will resume when I get back!


S.P.A.C.E. Report!

So this past weekend was the Small Press and Comics Expo in Columbus.  I was there with No Need For Bushido, Wilde LifeSean Poppe, and Deanna Poppe.  Joe and Alex got a great photo of what they’re calling our Corner of Awesome:


What’s funny is that this photo doesn’t do justice to how enormous the NN4B banner really is!  They’re lucky they had the space in that corner!  It looked amazing.

(I also have a banner but it didn’t come in the mail in time for me to use it at the con.  I’ll have a nice one for next con though!  It’s basically the header only huge. XD)

I met a lot of great people and saw a ton of amazing art.  I only made it halfway through the floor before running out of money! (will need to prepare better for next year)  Alex put together a great collection of links to some of the creators he met so I’m just going to link to his con report here.

Thank you so much to those of you who came to see me!  You absolutely made my weekend. :)  (They got exclusive WN con charms, are you jealous?? Lol )



I’ve gotten some wonderful fanart over the years and I’m sad to say some of them slipped by me without getting a proper feature!  Well no more!  Here are a few, and next week there’ll be more.  Please comment here and link to any you know of so I don’t miss any!


wnaprilfools_icon wren_with_wren white_noise_wren_by_13thprotector-d719b1q winter2iconwinter1icon

Thank you all so much!! :3



Hey all!

So one of the big things this website relaunch entailed was my getting a Patreon up and running for the comic.  It’s live now, and you can pledge to the comic Here!

With rewards like a patreon exclusive livestream, wallpapers, sketch requests, and early pages (coming in April), there’s a lot to look at and enjoy.  Any funding raised for White Noise will help me keep it running and maintain the site, and at the second milestone I’ll be able to start updating twice weekly!  The story will go so much faster then! XD

Thanks for reading.



(P.S. my next post here will be a collection of some of the wonderful fanart I’ve received over the years that never got featured on the old site.  So If you know of some, link it here!)


Hello readers!  You may have noticed some changes here.  My dear friend Joe from No Need For Bushido was good enough to help me fix the site up and streamline a bunch of elements into one page.  The comments for each page are being imported one by one and it will take a few days to get all of them situated.  Thanks for reading and I hope you like the new site!



PS:  Getting some trouble on redirecting wncomic.com so this might end up reverting.  We’ll see. :/